Peter Monaghan (Cambridge Regional College)

Election address

  • I have been an Assessor/Trainer for Site Carpentry Apprenticeships for the last 8 years

  • Branch Secretary of Cambridge Regional College since 2010

  • Eastern & Home Counties Regional Committee Secretary  since 2014

  • Branch Health & Safety Rep 2010-2015

  • Eastern & Home Counties Regional Committee Equality Officer 2012 - 2014

The last five years at Cambridge Regional College have been extremely challenging with financial problems from government cuts resulting in almost continuous restructuring and redundancy processes of different magnitudes. Through intense negotiations and branch action we have managed to avoid compulsory redundancies. We have also increased UCU membership despite the overall reduction in staff numbers.

This year we have also faced the challenge of merger with our nearest local college via the area review process. As Branch Secretary of a merging college I worked closely with my opposite number so that we made sure that both sets of members were communicated with jointly as much as possible, this meant we had a good base for the resulting Branch merger into one. We are now one Branch across two campuses with a Rep. team of 15 with the new Branch membership steadily increasing.

I am in a position as "a member of the teaching team not employed as a lecturer" to bring direct input to the NEC from one strand of the new membership bases that are growing within FE and HE via the latest free membership offer. Having identified both staff demographics in FE & HE as a priority for recruitment it is now vital that UCU follows through with supporting those members and developing policy and resources to address their issues. If elected to the NEC I would bring the voice of members working in Apprenticeships to the national forum.

Members reading this don't need to be told how serious the challenges are that we face in both sectors whether that is issues of TEF/REF in HE or the ongoing disregard by this government of the importance of the FE Sector in educating and training in a post Brexit Britain.  What they need to know is that anyone elected to the NEC will work hard for them to make sure that UCU listens to the membership and continues to be a member led democratic organisation. If elected to the NEC I will make it a priority to visit, support and listen to branches to represent their views at NEC level. I would see any future role on the NEC as an extension of my overall activism within UCU supporting members facing the ongoing multiple challenges of Workload Stress, Bullying & Harassment, and Discrimination as well as the current campaigns to Defend USS Pensions and the fight for Decent Pay in FE.

Last updated: 1 February 2018