Support colleagues fighting back in FE!

Members in HE: please use your vote!

Margot Hill (Croydon College)

Election address

The gap between rich and poor in this country has grown year on year; the gap between our members pay and the pay of College principles has grown year on year; the gap between the education need and the funding to provide it has grown year on year. UCU needs to move on to a war footing against this weak and discredited Tory government, harness the mood that has fuelled the support for Corbyn's challenge to austerity and use our collective power to make change happen.

I have served two terms as an NEC member. I do not believe that retreating into service trade unionism will address the crisis in further education. I am a Branch secretary and have been a lecturer at Croydon College since 2007. The reality of year on year wage restraint has left many of my colleagues stressed and anxious about their ability to meet household bills in a job where continuous cutbacks mean spiralling workloads, stress and fatigue. Ours is a worthwhile and important profession and we don't deserve to be ground down by policies devised by a weak and ineffective government and implemented by college leaders who should know better. We have choices to make in this election and I would urge you to vote for UCU Left candidates who like me will argue and campaign for us to use our collective strength to put up a fight for:

  • National pay awards above the rate of inflation and against cuts in Pension provision.

  • Full support for Branches when they take on employers including working to co-ordinate and spread support for action

  • Strong Regional structures that can bring branches and members together across both FE and HE to co-ordinate campaigns and actions and build solidarity

  • Re-launch and re invigorate political campaigning for quality publicly funded free education and reclaim the curriculum for progressive education

  • No Zero Hours contracts end the gender pay gap, work with branches to develop meaningful campaigns against inequality at work and build branches that are active, inclusive and anti-racist.

  • An end to punitive observation regimes and restoration of professional status for teachers through meaningful CPD developed by lecturers for lecturers

  • Full employment rights for all in our workplaces regardless of nationality. UCU has good policies for migrants' rights which I and other UCU left members have been part of campaigning for.

If you agree and want an NEC that will campaign and build for action on these issues, vote for me, support UCU left candidates and back Nita Sanghera for vice president


Last updated: 1 February 2018