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Naina Kent (Hackney Learning Trust)


Election address

I am a student counsellor for Adult Learning in Hackney specialising in progression to further and higher education for those most disadvantaged in education.

Service to the union

Member of NATFHE and UCU

UCU Branch Chair 2013 Learning Trust Hackney

Co-Organiser, Save ESOL March London 2007

Part of organising the Save ESOL Parliamentary Lobby, 2007. Over 1000 students and teachers attended.

Founding member of North East London Save ESOL Campaign and Adult Education 2007 

Chair, Campaigning Alliance for Lifelong Learning (CALL) London 2008

Part of organising several parliamentary lobbies on Adult Education FE with MPs on ESOL and Adult Education since 2007

Founding member of Action for ESOL. Contributor to Action for ESOL Manifesto

Black Members Network London and regional equalities rep

Member Black Member standing Committee, 2017-

I am a member of UCU Left.

Restore Adult Education

I believe community education is essential and enables many people to have a second chance into education, but  funding cuts over the years have left large parts of the country with little or no adult learning. There are unique challenges to organising in ACE, but our branch activity has shown these are not insurmountable. 

I've been involved in community campaigns that have played a crucial part in involving learners as well as teachers to resist the cuts.

Equality for All

All equality areas need to be protected and fought for and in the era of Trump, Grenfell and #metoo this is becoming increasingly urgent. We need to be able to fight not just on bread and butter issues but on all areas.

I'm currently involved in supporting the development of black members' networks. The campaign aims to highlight the issues faced in workplaces by black workers in the post-16 education sector and to raise the profile and progression of race equality.

A campaigning UCU - if elected I will fight for:

·      Increased funding for all sections of Adult and Further education. Since 2010 over 1.3 million learners have been lost.

·      Reverse the cuts and campaign for sustainable funding for ESOL and community education.

·      Work with all in order to get a movement to stop austerity and defend the whole of post 16 education, and involve the community to fully participate in putting their vision of education and social justice.

If we are to address the serious challenges we face, and defend educational access and progressive educational principles, we need to build strong branches and elect a leadership that will fight to restore our pay and conditions. We and our students are being made to pay for austerity while our educational bosses pay themselves fat cat salaries. Enough is enough.


Last updated: 1 February 2018