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T level funding consultation

The government are consulting on their proposed funding for the delivery of new T Level qualifications.

UCU will be responding to the consultation and would welcome member input into the response. Many of the questions are very technical, but we would welcome any feedback on these broad areas:

  1. The current base rate of £4,000 per student has been used to calculate T Level funding rates. But in your experience is the base rate adequate?
  2. T Levels will have their own (larger) funding bands, increasing the number of funding bands available from 5 to 9. Do the current 5 funding bands reflect the funding needed to provide good study programmes?
  3. T Levels will be funded at the same rate for 18 year olds, unlike 18 year olds on study programmes who have their funding cut. Any comment on this?
  4. Do you feel there is a risk of pressure to prioritise T Level delivery because of the more generous funding available regardless of whether they are the most appropriate qualifications?
  5. The industry placement (a pre-requisite for passing the T Level) will be funded at a rate of £550 over 2 years (with providers allocated £275 per year regardless of which year the industry placement takes place). The student will need to complete a minimum of 45 days. If the student cannot complete the industry placement for reasons outside of their control the provider will be responsible for arranging an alternative placement. What do you think of the industry placement in terms of funding and requirements?
  6. Students requiring English and maths will be funded on top of the hours needed for the T Level. This will be £750 per subject per student at the start of the year with no additional funding if the student needs a second year. What do you think of this front loading approach?
  7. Providers will be expected to have regard to local skills analysis/local plans produced by Mayoral Combined Authorities or Local Enterprise Partnerships to ensure T Level delivery meets local skills needs. Where there are identified skills gaps or new priorities and there isn't local agreement on how T Level delivery will be put in place to meet these needs, the ESFA could step in to propose solutions or go out to tender for a different provider to deliver. ESFA intervention should be the exception. What do you think of this proposal?
  8. Is the existing support for staff to prepare for T-levels sufficient? What other support or CPD (if any) would you want to see to ensure successful delivery?

Please email your comments on any of these areas to Gila Tabrizi.

The full consultation document can be found here and members are very welcome to respond to the consultation in an individual capacity, even if you also provide your feedback to UCU.

Last updated: 14 December 2018