UCU Democracy Commission

Congress 2018 agreed to set up a democracy commission to carry out a review of UCU's democratic structures and to bring recommendations to a special one-day congress. The commission is to be elected by and from branches, regional committees and devolved nations, and the union's advisory committees. The relevant congress motions are reproduced below.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) has agreed a process for the election of the commission. Details have been issued in a branch circular UCU885.

Nomination forms are available:

Congress and NEC emphasised the importance of involving as many members as possible in the work of the commission and the debate about the issues that it will be considering. The commission will hold its first meeting on Thursday, 25 October 2018. 

The commission will elect its own chair and draw up a programme of work. The latter will include arrangements to ensure that the commission reports regularly to members and facilitates feedback from them as its work progresses.

Meanwhile, if branches, regions/devolved nations or individual members have any suggestions about the areas and issues on which the commission might focus, please feel free to email me. 

Paul Cottrell
Head of Democratic Services

Congress motions on the commission:

B19  Democracy Review

Congress notes:

  1. concerns from many branches and members about the processes behind the consultative ballot on the USS offer of 23rd March
  2. the lack of  inter-election mechanisms by which to recall or hold elected union representatives  to account.

Congress resolves:

  1. to undertake a review before Congress 2019 of UCU's democratic structures via a democracy commission
  2. that the commission should be elected by and from branches, regional committees, devolved nations and advisory committees of the union
  3. to empower the commission to recommend changes to UCU's democratic structures at  a one day special Congress, for discussion and voting on by branch delegates.

L9            Democracy Commission

Congress notes Congress 2018 has resolved to set up a Democracy Commission to review our democratic structures.

Congress resolves:

  1. that candidates for election to the commission must be nominated by their respective branches, regions or advisory committees
  2. that the commission must be elected and have held their first meeting by 31 October 2018
  3. regional committees, devolved nations, branches and advisory committees must be strongly encouraged to organise specific meetings to discuss the issues that are to be discussed by the commission
  4. the commission shall draw up recommendations to put to a one-day special Congress to discuss how our democratic structures should function and what they should look like.

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