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Information for external examiners

Dear colleague

As you are aware, UCU members in higher education have recently voted in favour of taking industrial action to address the erosion of pay, casual contracts, and the gender pay gap.

In order to increase the pressure on employing institutions, UCU is appealing to all members who currently hold external examiner positions asking them to resign from any such position they may hold. Members must however ensure that they provide the relevant institution with due notice of termination as specified under the terms of their engagement.

Members are similarly asked not to accept or otherwise agree the offer of new external examiner posts until the dispute with the employers' side had been resolved.

The intention here is to ensure that you are not in breach of any existing contract.

UCU thanks you for your support.

Important Many of you have asked what notice you should give.

UCU is not asking you to break your contract by giving incorrect notice. You must always give the requisite notice stipulated in your external examiners' contract or accompanying handbook. Where no expressed ie. written notice period is given you must give a reasonable period of notice which will depend on the circumstances.

If you require more detailed advice please contact Matt Waddup.

Template resignation letter

Dear xxxxxxx

I am writing to tell you that, with regret, I am resigning from my post as an external examiner for xxxxxxxx.

I am doing so in order to support the call made by the UCU for external examiners to resign and not take up new posts in support of the campaign for fair pay in higher education.  

EITHER: I am giving due notice of xxxxx in accordance with UCU's advice and in line with the contract between us. 

OR: There is no notice period specified in my contract. UCU's advice in this situation is that I give reasonable notice and in the circumstances my last day will be xxxxxx assuming you agree to pay me for all work done up to that point.

I have enjoyed working with you and colleagues and would hope we can renew our working relationship when the dispute is over.

Yours sincerely

Last updated: 1 June 2016