Novus Online Meeting: information

Ground rules:

·      All participants to switch off microphone and video when not speaking (except Chair, Vice Chairs and Marianne) as it helps functionality and is also more accessible.

·      If you want to speak, enter your name into the ‘chat box’ and wait to be invited by the Chair. When it’s your turn, switch video and mic on, then say name and prison.

·      Points of order/ information; suspension of SOs; challenges to Chair are permitted but given the difficulty of dealing with them online, they should be avoided wherever possible. Please indicate in the chat box if you want to raise a Point of Order.

·      Keep contributions as concise as possible. The Chair will allow three minutes for the proposer of a motion, two minutes for a seconder and two minutes each for additional contributions. Can seconders also type this intention in the chat box.

·      To help participants with disabilities, any important instructions will be said verbally and typed in chat window.

·      Please do not use the chat function to continue discussions as it is presents accessibility issues.

·      In the unlikely event of any disruptive behaviour or talking over the Chair/ other participants, the Chair or the Vice Chairs will mute all participants until order can be resumed.

·      Voting on all motions will be conducted by doodle poll immediately after the event and a response will be required within a 24hr period. Any votes after this period will not be counted. Members will be emailed the results after the poll closes and votes have been counted

Additional info:

·      The Chair will call a 10 minute break around 14:00 for people to stretch their legs/ backs and get a drink. The meeting will not continue during the break so please mute your microphones.

·      The Vice Chair will keep a close eye on the chat box and keep a record of speaker order

·      If you experience connection issues during the meeting, leave and re-join which may solve it.

·      Any motions will be taken at a corresponding point in the agenda to be determined by the Chair.

·      Timings will be strictly kept to and the meeting will finish promptly at 15:00.