Taking action in higher education

Stand up for London Metropolitan University

Over 2,500 people have now signed the petition against redundancies and trade union victimisation at London Met.

London Metropolitan University have announced compulsory redundancies of permanent faculty staff resulting in the removal of all teaching hours from some long serving  hourly paid lecturering staff. These cuts will also directly negatively impact on the student experience.

Long standing UCU officers Mark Campbell and David Hardman have been targeted for redundancy and the union is calling on the board of governors to respect staff union representatives and to rescind the decision on compulsory redundancies at the university.

Please help the campaign against job cuts and join with us to stand up for our UCU reps.

'I'm sending my 100% support to UCU and Unison members at London Metropolitan University. Having already pledged my support to the campaign against the victimisation of local UCU officers, Mark Campbell and David Hardman, I'm shocked to now hear about management's attempts to sack around 1/3 of the university's substantive workforce.

'To massively increase the scourge of casualisation - including the increased use of London Met's zero-hours contracts for those staff that are left is appalling.

'These attacks need to be seen in relation to the Government's new HE Bill that seeks to soften-up institutions such as London Met for possible closure and/or eventual privatisation, whilst increasing student fees beyond £9000 a year, and further cutting bursaries and support grants.

'University management should be standing with staff and students to loudly resist these Tory attacks, not proactively implementing them at the expense of both.

'Stay strong and united and I will support you all the way with your campaign.'

John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Last updated: 12 August 2016