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UCU Scotland

UCU Scotland has an autonomous executive which operates under the umbrella of national UCU.

The UCU Scotland executive has representatives from every branch in Scotland.

UCU Scotland raises issues by:

  • lobbying the Scottish Parliament
  • working with the Scottish Government and MSPs.

We work with and influence:

  • Universities Scotland
  • The Scottish Funding Council
  • Scottish Media
  • NUS Scotland
  • Scottish representative bodies

UCU Scotland annual congress: 27 March 2015

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Important : ImportantConsultation on higher education governance bill

We've now seen Universities Scotland's response to proposals to democratise our universities.

Unsurprisingly UCU don't agree with what they're saying. In fact, as a trade union member you might even be insulted by some of what they're saying.

In their submission the principals:

  • describe proposals to include trade union nominees onto governing bodies as 'undemocratic' and draw a bizarre comparison with trade unionism in the 1970s while not opposing on the same grounds proposals for other groups
  • describe the inclusion of trade union nominees as being contrary to the Nolan principles of public life. Those principles are - selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. That principals believe trade unionists acting as nominees on university courts wouldn't be able to act as such betrays a mind-set that is stuck in the 1980s; and
  • by a remarkable stretch of logic manage to describe electing chairs of governing bodies as reducing their accountability - while failing to address why this is not the case in those institutions where it happens at present.

So we now know, if we didn't already, that we've got a fight on our hands to win what we want. But, elected chairs of governing bodies; for those bodies to be more representative and to include student and trade union nominees; and a new definition of academic freedom, is a prize worth winning.

If you've not already done so please sign our petition telling the education secretary Angela Constance that you support the campaign. Ultimately she will decide whether or not to proceed with legislation. Let her know that the principals don't speak for the sector and that students and staff matter too.

You can find the petition here.

You can  (.pdf) file type icon download a full copy of UCU's evidence to the consultation here (.pdf) [230kb].

You can read all responses to the Scottish Government's consultation here

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