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FE Wales national agreements

ColegauCymru is the employers' body in Wales. It represents all the FE colleges, St David's sixth form college and Workers Education Association (WEA). Representatives of ColegauCymru meet with the full time officials and lay negotiators of the recognised unions to reach agreement on pay and conditions of service in Wales.

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Information : InformationWales national contract

In 2014 the joint trade union group in Wales negotiated with ColegauCymru a new national contract for all staff employed in further education colleges in Wales which members voted to accept.

Colleges started to implement the National Contract for all Staff in Wales from academic year 2014-15. The implementation agreement articulates in writing the requirements in relation to staff working in colleges:

National agreements

Each year we submit a pay claim which covers an increase in pay and a list of subjects we believe should be developed into national agreements, we are currently working on the following areas: casual workers; management of change; toil for managers; starting salary formula for lecturers and revision of part time agreement.

Current agreements

 (.pdf) file type icon National recognition and procedure agreement between ColegauCymru and recognised trade unions, Jun 14 (.pdf) [141kb]

 (.pdf) file type icon National agreement on lecturer’s workload allocation for FE colleges in Wales, Sep 13 (.pdf) [226kb]

 (.pdf) file type icon FE Wales joint agreement on domestic abuse, Mar 15 (.pdf) [110kb]

Below are the agreements in relation to threshold progression and part-time agreement:

 (.docx) file type icon Joint agreement for the employment of fixed-term employees in FE in Wales, Mar 15 (.docx) [16kb]

 (.doc) file type icon Agreement on the employment of part-time lecturing staff in FE (Wales) (.doc) [48kb]

 (.doc) file type icon Agreement on the employment of instructor/demonstrator staff in FE (Wales), Nov 05 (.doc) [23kb]

Towards pay parity with teachers

 (.pdf) file type icon Wales FE pay agreement phase one: 2003-04 (.pdf) [142kb]

 (.pdf) file type icon Wales FE pay agreement phase two: 2004-05 (.pdf) [492kb]

 (.pdf) file type icon Wales FE pay agreement phase three: 2005-06 (threshold agreement) (.pdf) [422kb]

 (.pdf) file type icon Wales FE pay agreement phase four: 2006-07 (.pdf) [91kb]

Performance management and review

Each college has an agreement on Performance Management and Review (PMAR) which outlines the application process to achieve threshold progression, a copy of that agreement can be obtained from your branch officers. UCU and the employers' body produced national guidance on the operation of PMAR, which should be reflected in those agreements:

 (.doc) file type icon Model agreement on the implementation of the national agreement on performance management and review systems in FE in Wales (.doc) [75kb]

 (.doc) file type icon Guidance notes on the introduction of performance management and review systems in FE in Wales (.doc) [84kb]

UCU would like all colleges to adopt the above model for the operation of PMAR.

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