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UCU Wales

UCU Cymru represents members in both higher and further education in Wales

Diary date : Diary date clip image UCU Wales Congress
5 March 2016


November 2015

UCU Wales has expressed concerns over the initial teacher training reforms.

September 2015

UCU manifesto for Welsh assembly elections 2016 launched: The manifesto sets out our vision for the post 16 education sector in Wales, one where the value of education is recognised in its own right, for the importance of providing opportunities to develop personal skills and not just a tool for delivering an employer skills agenda measured only by its economic value:
 (.pdf) file type icon Making education work for all: UCU Wales manifesto for Welsh assembly elections 2016 (.pdf) [214kb]

June 2015

Petition against decision to decimate further education handed to Welsh Assembly

May 2015

Dispute at University of South Wales, Newport - members vote for action

April 2015

Education Workforce Council created

January 2015

FE revised 1% pay offer accepted

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Post-16 education and UCU in Wales

The Welsh Government and its executive determine how much funding colleges receive each year. Because of changes to the HE funding mechanism the funding follows the student and therefore universities are very dependent on the student numbers allocated by the Higher Education Funding Council in their fee planning policy. Both funding mechanisms have to be funded by the budget available to the Welsh Government.

Education policy is a devolved matter and UCU Cymru spends a significant amount of time and energy ensuring that all politicians are aware of the issues which affect UCU members in both sectors in Wales.

Every college of further education and every university has a branch of UCU with branch officers who are trained to provide advice on the policies and procedures operated by your employer.

Connect with UCU Wales

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UCU Cymru documents

Guidance for branches in Wales:

Recent consultation responses include:

Click through for all HE responses, FE responses, and cross-sectoral submissions.

Higher education in Wales

The main policy focus of UCU Cymru is to ensure that higher education is high on the agenda of the Welsh government and that strategic developments are beneficial to staff and the universities.

The Minister for Education and Skills announced in November 2013 that he had asked Professor Ian Diamond, Vice Chancellor of Aberdeen University to chair a review of higher education funding and student finance arrangements in Wales. A factual summary will be produced in Autumn 2015, with final report in September 2016.

UCU Cymru is currently working on a submission to the review panel. If you would like to be involved in that process please contact Lisa Edwards: ledwards@ucu.org.uk

Key information:

FE for everyone: UCU Cymru FE funding campaign : UCU Cymru FE funding campaign'FE for Everyone': information on the campaign opposing the savage cuts to FE funding in Wales

Further education in Wales

Initial teacher training

Following publication of the Furlong report into initial teacher training and education (ITT) in Wales, UCU Wales are concerned that the reforms to ITT are moving rapidly ahead and from our point of view, with very little expert practitioner input. We have put together a pack of the available information that we have so far:

 (.pdf) file type icon UCU Wales: ITT reforms briefing pack, Nov 15 (.pdf) [622kb]
We are aware that the minister for education and skills is keen that ITT providers should 'raise their game'. However we are not yet aware what the criteria for programme accreditation will be. Currently there is a task and finish group looking at accreditation criteria, but do not know if any practitioners are included in this group.

We also know that a stakeholder group (see list in briefing pack) has been formed, to develop the 'approach to implementing the recommendations of Successful Futures and Teaching Tomorrow's Teachers'; however the 12 representative education trade unions have been informed that they can only have three places in the group on a rota basis. This in our opinion is not acceptable as it would mean that each union would only attend one in four meetings and practitioners would not be and influential part of the reforms; contrary to the recommendations of Donaldson. The joint trade unions have written to the minister expressing their concern over this issue (also in pack).

Update: the minister has agreed to invite all 12 of the education trade unions to participate in the strategic stakeholder group:  (.pdf) file type icon Wales ITT stakeholder group: minister agrees union invite, 25 Nov 15 (.pdf) [268kb]
The bidding process for ITT provision will begin in September 2016 with programme roll out scheduled for September 2018.

UCU Wales is setting up an initial teacher training network to discuss proposals. If you would like to become part of the group or if you would like further information please contact Lisa Edwards, who is also happy to come out and talk to members in ITT departments in Wales.

Education Workforce Council

The new professional body for the education workforce, including FE lecturers, came into force on 1 April 2015. Information on the aims and purposes of the EWC can be found here:  (.pdf) file type icon UCU Wales branch officer briefing on the Education Workforce Council Wales, Apr 15 (.pdf) [101kb]

Wales national contract

Colleges started to implement the National Contract for all Staff in Wales from academic year 2014-15. The  (.pdf) file type icon implementation agreement (.pdf) [86kb] sets out the requirements in relation to staff working in colleges. See the FE Wales national agreements page for further information.

Wales FE pay

Revised pay offer accepted

The joint unions received a revised offer of 1%, up from 0%, for the academic year 14/15 from ColegauCymru in January 2015. After consulting their respective constituencies the joint trade unions will be accepting the 1% pay offer. You can  (.pdf) file type icon view the full ballot results here (.pdf) [138kb].

Find full details on the FE Wales pay page.

For further information please contact Karen Williams, Wales Administrator, kwilliams@ucu.org.uk

National pay scales in Wales

All lecturing staff should be paid on the rates laid out in the following pay scales:

  • part time hourly pay rates
  • lecturer grades
  • management spine

available from the Wales FE salary scales page.

Key information:

Wales regional office contact information

If you do have any queries please email Karen Williams.

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