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UCU Wales

UCU Cymru represents members in both higher and further education in Wales


• Wales Congress 2014 took place on St Davids Day,1 March 2014. Please contact kwilliams@ucu.org.uk for details.

UCU Cymru has produced a leaflet about UCU and part time hourly paid workers:  (.pdf) file type icon You can view the document here: (.pdf) [438kb]

• UCU Cymru Organising Strategy 2013/14:  (.pdf) file type icon download it here (.pdf) [192kb]

The Welsh Government and its executive determine how much funding colleges receive each year. Because of changes to the HE funding mechanism the funding follows the student and therefore universities are very dependent on the student numbers allocated by the Higher Education Funding Council in their FEE planning policy. Both funding mechanisms have to be funded by the  budget available to the Welsh Government.

Education policy is a DEVOLVED matter and UCU Cymru spend a significant amount of time and energy ensuring that all politicians are aware of the issues which affect UCU members in both sectors in Wales.

Every college of further education and every university has a branch of UCU with branch officers who are trained to provide advice on the policies and procedures operated by your employer.

See the UCU politics monthly for the latest news.

UCU Cymru consultations

Recent consultation responses include:

Click through for all HE responses, FE responses, and cross-sectoral submissions.

Higher education in Wales

The main policy focus of UCU Wales is to ensure that higher education is high on the agenda of the Welsh government and that strategic developments are beneficial to staff and the universities.

April 2013: We are currently awaiting a statement from the Government on the future direction of HE policy in Wales, the funding allocations announced ijn Spring 2013 have been determined in line with the priorities laid down in For Our Future.

Key information:

Further education in Wales

Wales National Contract

The ballot closed at midday on Friday 29 November 2013. The result of the question 'Do you accept the Wales FE National Contract?' was as follows:
YES: 94%
NO: 6%
Turnout: 30%

UCU Cymru manifesto

This manifesto aims to set out a realistic view of the developments that Wales UCU Cymru feels are an important and integral part of achieving a 'One Wales' country, a 'learning' country, a country of real social inclusion.

The manifesto is not just aimed at the politicians of all hues, or the funding agencies, or the employers' representatives, but, more importantly, it is for the general public, the real investors in the future of a prosperous Wales.

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