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Adult, youth and community education staff

Information for UCU members working in adult and community education.

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For printed copies please email campaigns@ucu.org.uk and state quantity and full postal address.


ACE News - Summer 2015

 (.pdf) file type icon UCU ACE news, summer 2015 (.pdf) [4.0Mb]

For printed copies please state quantity required and send a full postal address to: campaigns@ucu.org.uk

BIS inquiry into adult literacy and numeracy

February 2014: UCU submitted evidence to the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee inquiry into Adult Literacy and Numeracy:
 (.pdf) file type icon Adult literacy and numeracy inquiry submission (.pdf) [150kb]
 (.doc) file type icon Adult literacy and numeracy inquiry submission (.doc) [147kb]


Local government pay (England and Wales)

March 2009: ACAS has now awarded a 2.75% pay rise for local government staff. This is an improvement of 0.3% on the offer which the unions had rejected. The award is backdated to 1 April 2008. Branches covered by the local government pay should make sure that this payment is extended to UCU members.

Youth and community workers

Important : Important2014 pay and conditions claim

On 11 February 2015 the staff side of the JNC for youth and community workers met to discuss the employers' side response to the 2014 pay claim. The staff side have agreed to put the offer to their members as the best that can be achieved through negotiations, and are recommending acceptance of the pay offer. Please read the letter below which details the offer, and the initial claim and employers' side response.

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