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Adult, youth and community education staff

The recent past has not been easy for UCU members working in this area who have borne the brunt of the government's policy to prioritise learning directly linked to employability.


Campaigning Alliance for Lifelong Learning


Latest adult education newsletter

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Adult Education News, Spring 2013 (.pdf) [115kb]
 (.doc) file type icon Adult Education News, Spring 2013 (.doc) [82kb]

Personal and Community Development Learning (PCDL), formerly known as Adult and Community Learning (ACL), which is non-vocational, informal learning that doesn't lead to qualifications, has faced a six-year budget freeze. Courses have been cut and fees are going up: learners will pay 50% of their fees by 2010.

Recent developments affecting staff:





This new recruitment leaflet aimed at ACL staff addresses the reasons people sometimes give for not joining UCU in addition to listing the benefits of membership.  (.pdf) file type icon UCU adult education recruitment leaflet (.pdf) [44kb]


BIS inquiry into adult literacy and numeracy

February 2014: UCU has submitted evidence to the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee inquiry into Adult Literacy and Numeracy:
 (.pdf) file type icon Adult literacy and numeracy inquiry submission (.pdf) [150kb]
 (.doc) file type icon Adult literacy and numeracy inquiry submission (.doc) [147kb]

Participants needed for research into careers of adult educators

A UCU member at the University of Birmingham is undertaking research into adult educators' careers, their philosophy and practice, against the background of changing adult education policy in England. She is keen to make contact with adult educators who are prepared to be interviewed, particularly those newer to the field or those working in the voluntary sector, or in community or work-based settings. If you wish to take part in an interview (face to face, by phone, Skype or email), please contact: Marion Bowl

The Learning Revolution newsletter

BIS are now publishing an electronic newsletter around the implementation of the White Paper on informal adult learning 'The Learning Revolution'. It gives useful information and has links to various documents that should be of great interest to UCU ACL members. You can get it by emailing revolutions@bis.gsi.gov.uk. The newsletter is called 'Revolutions' and can be downloaded here.
Guidance for those who deliver learning

Lifelong Learning UK, together with partners, has created guidance to assist those who deliver adult and community learning, offender learning, and who deliver learning in the Third Sector following the reforms to the education and development of teachers in England introduced in September 2007. The guidance is now available online at www.lluk.org/feworkforcereforms/

The guidance is of relevance if you are responsible for the management of organisations that receive funding from the LSC to deliver Adult and Community Learning or Offender Learning and Skills; this includes Third Sector organisations and local authorities. It is also relevant if you are responsible for the development of staff in such organisations. You will need to understand the reforms, how it impacts on your staff and what they need to do. The guidance will also be helpful for those who teach in these organisations.


Local government pay (England and Wales) - latest news

March 2009: ACAS has now awarded a 2.75% pay rise for local government staff. This is an improvement of 0.3% on the offer which the unions had rejected. The award is backdated to 1 April 2008. Branches covered by the local government pay should make sure that this payment is extended to UCU members.

October 2008: Local government employers have agreed to an interim pay rise of 2.45% and £100 for the lowest paid for local government staff in England and Wales. The main pay claim is still not resolved and has been referred to ACAS for arbitration.

UCU branches covered by the local government pay rates should ensure that these arrangements are extended to their members.

September 2008: Negotiations over this year's pay for local government staff are still going on. Many UCU members employed by local authorities are affected by these negotiations: trade unions and local government employers in England, Northern Ireland and Wales have confirmed their aim to resolve the current dispute over pay 'as soon as possible'.

In a joint statement issued to all council chief executives, they reaffirmed that all parties were committed to negotiations that aimed to secure an employment package 'which is fit for the future, with positive industrial relations, high quality and efficient local services'.

And they pledged to work together 'to identify ways of using general efficiency savings to improve the pay and conditions of the local government workforce'.

The statement has been signed by all the NJC joint secretaries. It provides the framework for further discussions and holds out hopes that a revised national agreement will have been endorsed by both sides and consulted on by the end of this year. Members will be kept informed of developments.

In the event that the negotiations break down and Unison and other unions decide to take further action, UCU will be looking to balloting members for industrial action to join the other local government unions.

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Youth and community workers

2009 pay settlement reached

The Joint Negotiating Committee for Youth and Community Workers (JNC) agreed the following in February 2010.

  • an increase of 1% on all salary points and allowances with effect from 1 September 2009 - see the revised scales here
  • an agreement to continue to press for key worker status for youth and community workers.

 (.doc) file type icon see the JNC circular for further information (.doc) [116kb]

2008 pay settlement

Settlement was reached in May 2008. The key elements are:

  • an increase of 2.75% on all spinal column points and allowances with effect from 1 September 2008
  • an intention to delete pay points 11 and 12 from the Professional Range by 1 September 2010. This is subject to agreeing implementation arrangements by 1 September 2009 -  (.pdf) file type icon see the JNC circular for further information (.pdf) [86kb] .

 (.pdf) file type icon Youth and community workers: pay offer 2008 (.pdf) [52kb]

JNC youth workers' settlement 2007-08

The Joint Negotiating Committee for Youth and Community Workers agreed a pay settlement for 2007-08 which includes an increase of 2.475% on all spinal column points and allowances with effect from 1 September 2007 to 31 August 2008.

For further detail see:

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Campaigning Alliance for Lifelong Learning

Along with other key education organisations, UCU has founded CALL, the Campaigning Alliance for Lifelong Learning, because we believe that affordable access to the life changing opportunities provided by education is the hallmark of a civilised society.

The founding conference took on 30 September 2008. Discussion focus on a new manifesto for the expansion lifelong learning. Visit the CALL website for more information: Campaigning Alliance for Lifelong Learning (CALL)

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Save ESOL campaign

UCU continues to campaign against cuts in the funding of ESOL: see the Save ESOL campaign pages for the latest news

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