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Targeting of Muslims brings consensus of criticism

18 October 2006

The Equality Challenge Unit, Universities UK and NUS have criticised draft government plans to monitor Muslim students.

ECU has issued a statement of explicit support for the views expressed by UCU and Universities UK about the DfES's draft document of intended guidance to universities and colleges on dealing with Islamist

ECU said targeting Muslim students may have a discriminatory impact and 'any guidance which has discriminatory impact has no place in campus life.'

UUK president Professor Drummond Bone said such selective targeting '...could be counterproductive. The key to this is balance and discussion - and we have made this point repeatedly to ministers.' See UUK website.

NUS National President, Gemma Tumelty, said: 'Demonising and stigmatising student communities is no way to defeat terror... This will only fuel the racism and Islamaphobia that our society should be trying so hard to stamp out.'

UCU's statement, 'UCU responds to plans to spy on students', was picked up and reproduced by several national media.

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