Activist and branch resources

Welcome to the resource area for UCU branches, reps and activists.

In this section you will find a range of advice, resources and materials to help build strong and active branches.

Being a UCU rep

Information on the various rep roles and the legislation, agreements and practice that empower the rep.

Browse branch material

Searchable list of all documents, guidance and other materials useful for branch organisation, recruitment and campaigning.

Build the Union: UCU's national recruitment campaign

As the cuts bite across the public sector, it's never been more important to build our union. UCU launched a major recruitment drive, and to support this have produced a new branch support pack.

Building your branch

The secret of union power is having a strong and active branch behind you. Building the strength and activity of your branch is the most important task for UCU workplace representatives; everything else flows from this. On this page you will find a range of guides to help you.

Guide to local campaigning

Campaigning is often shrouded in mystique. It is seen as something that some people have a natural instinct for - that you can either do or you can't. Campaigning is actually quite easy, though it is often hard work! The materials available here will help you to run an effective campaign.

Health and safety resource centre

UCU's health and safety resource centre for UCU health and safety reps and branch & local association officers.

Local bargaining

Briefings and guidance documents to help branch officers when faced with local issues or bargaining situations.

Raising UCU's profile

A range of materials for promotion, recruitment and campaigning are available to branches.

Recruiting and organising

Organising and recruitment work builds the capacity of your branch or local association (LA). A coordinated effort to increase membership density through recruitment and retention will pay off in every area of the union's activity.