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Activist and branch resources

Welcome to the resource area for UCU branches, reps and activists.

In this section you will find a range of advice, resources and materials to help build strong and active branches.

Build the Union

UCU's major initiative to build our union.

Get the Vote Out

Information on running industrial action ballots following the new turnout requirement of the 2016 Trade Union Act.

Building UCU

Resources aimed at building our ability to bargain better to improve our members' working lives.

Bargaining guidance

UCU branch officers engage in collective bargaining, negotiating with their employers, every day. It's how we protect our members and promote their interests at work. Here you will find a comprehensive library of our negotiating guidance, designed to give you the tools you need for negotiating with your employer.

Being a UCU rep

Information on the various rep roles and the legislation, agreements and practice that empower the rep.

Guide to local campaigning

Campaigning is often shrouded in mystique. It is seen as something that some people have a natural instinct for - that you can either do or you can't. Campaigning is actually quite easy, though it is often hard work! The materials available here will help you to run an effective campaign.

Equality advice and guidance

Tools and resources to help support members, including bargaining information, research, guidance and accessibility and other toolkits.

Health and safety resource centre

UCU's health and safety resource centre for members, safety reps and branch officers.

Raising UCU's profile

A range of materials for promotion, recruitment and campaigning, including examples from branches for ideas and inspiration.

Browse branch material

Searchable list of all documents, guidance and other materials useful for branch organisation, recruitment and campaigning.

UCU distinguished service awards

UCU's Distinguished Service Awards recognise exceptional achievement at branch, regional, devolved nation, or national level, across all areas in which the union organises.