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Guide to local campaigning

29 November 2006

Campaigning is often shrouded in mystique. It is seen as something that some people have a natural instinct for - that you can either do or you can't. Campaigning is actually quite easy, though it is often hard work! The materials available here will help you to run an effective campaign.

In this section you will find advice on organising a campaign as well as additional resources

See also separate advice on dealing with the media and contacting and lobbying your MP.

When issues arise

Analysing institution finances 

A presentation on how to do some basic analysis of college and university finances. This could be of particular use for branches/local associations facing difficulties, to enable you and activists to challenge what employers are saying:

Using financial info to challenge redundancies [298kb]
Using financial info to challenge redundancies [108kb]

See also: JNCHES insider guide to finance and accounting [1mb]


Identifying targets and allies

Holding campaign events

Promoting your campaign

Additional resources

NetAction guide to effective email campaigning [1mb]

Last updated: 31 July 2015