Your UCU membership

Important information about how changes to your employment or personal details, such as retirement, maternity leave, or loss of your job, may affect your UCU membership or subscription.

Update your member record

Click through to our member services site to update your member record online

Membership subscriptions

The subscription you pay is based on your earnings. Please ensure that you pay the correct subscription; failure to do so may disqualify you from receiving legal advice and other benefits.

Upgrade to full membership

If you currently have student or unemployed membership and wish to upgrade to full UCU membership, log in to our member services site and select 'My Other Details' to upgrade your membership online

Retirement & UCU membership

Your UCU membership doesn't need to end if you retire.


If you find yourself out of work, but seeking qualifying employment in further, higher or adult education, you are entitled to one year's free membership.

Maternity leave and subs

During periods of maternity leave, your subscription rate will reduce in line with your salary and whilst on unpaid maternity leave, you can retain your membership free of charge.

Cancelling your UCU membership

You can update your membership information or cancel your membership online.

Subscriptions and refunds

Information on claiming back overpayments on your subscription.

Tax relief

Following approval from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), UCU members can claim up to 67% tax relief on the total annual subscription they have paid to UCU.