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Taking industrial action

Answers to some of the common questions asked by members about industrial action ballots and action.

Balloting for action

Answers to questions commonly asked about balloting for industrial action.

Taking strike action

FAQs for members on taking strike action.

Taking action short of a strike (ASOS)

FAQs for members on taking action short of a strike (ASOS).

Migrant workers and industrial action

FAQs for migrant staff taking industrial action

Action short of strike and ARPS

What does action short of strike (ASOS) mean for you as a member of academic-related and professional services (ARPS) staff?

ASOS: working to contract

As part of the action short of strike (ASOS) UCU may ask members to 'work to contract'. Working to contract means abiding by the terms of your contract (including your obligation to perform your duties in an efficient manner), but to do no more than that.

ASOS: what is and is not 'voluntary'?

Many members who are participating in action short of a strike (ASOS) have asked for more information about what might constitute a voluntary duty that they can refuse to take part in.

ASOS: marking and assessment boycott FAQs

A detailed look at what a marking and assessment boycott is, and what you are being asked to do if one is called.