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22 May 2008

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Welcome to UCU's education and training pages. UCU's education programme offers its network of Reps and activists a wide range of courses. Courses run on a regional basis enabling participants to meet and work alongside UCU members from branches within their region.

Most UCU courses are offered on a regional basis with some National courses supporting local programmes.

Those applying from outside the region will be placed on the course waiting list and offered a place if the course is not filled by members of that region. Please be aware we are often charge for places outside of a colleges funding area. For this reason we actively encourage you to train within your own region.

You should be aware our online courses are no different to our face-to-face courses in terms of funding, and time off for training. It is important that you can attend the entire course, and get time off from your employer as you would a face-to-face course. 

Time of for training is a right - Use it or lose it! Facilities and time off for UCU reps


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Your rights to time off for training
If you are an elected UCU rep you have rights to time off for training. See also our UCU training FAQs.

About UCU reps
Branch officers • UCU repsHealth and safety repsLearning repsEquality repsEnvironment reps. See also Being a UCU rep

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Other training opportunities & Attending TUC courses policy

UCU reps are entitled to attend locally run TUC courses, however due to the potential costs involved UCU runs a stringent policy with all expenses needing to be authorised prior to attendance. Click here to find relevant TUC courses
TUC courses: UCU attendance policy [127kb]
TUC courses: UCU attendance policy [148kb]

Members can also check out our range of CPD courses here.

Below are a series of short training videos on the following topics 'Mapping, charting and recruitment', 'Structured Organising conversations for recruitment',  'TPS the McCloud remedy 2023'

Mapping, charting and recruitment - training video

This short 20 minute video will introduce you to the concepts of mapping, charting and recruitment. It looks at the importance of mapping along with the types of information you might want to chart for organising purposes. The video also looks at recruitment, how we might talk to potential members and address some of the challenges we might face.

Structured organising conversations - training video

The following 30 minute training video is an example of a structured organising conversation. Complete with feedback for the person playing the rep, it sets out the six steps in the conversation, and shows how each step can flow quite naturally with practice. This particular session is not an example of the perfect conversation, but designed as a training session allowing you to spot and discuss the mistakes.

TPS - the McCloud remedy

In this conversational video we discuss the McCloud remedy linked with the TPS scheme in which members will need to make decisions about the future of their pensions and engage with the McCloud remedy process.

Need help?

Try looking in our FAQs on UCU Training


Last updated: 8 May 2024