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Being a UCU rep

Information on the various rep roles and the legislation, agreements and practice that empower the rep.

UCU reps handbook cover

UCU has produced a reps handbook to help reps perform their vital role in the workplace

The handbook brings together information on the role of the rep, their duties and draws upon many our existing resources for reps, along with materials from our training programme. It also includes comments and tips provided by our many existing reps, along with providing links signposts to other sources of more detailed information

UCU reps handbook [154kb]

You can also browse specific areas of the life of the rep in this section. For more information please contact Ed Bailey.

A brief intro to being a rep

A quick look at what a rep does, the different types of rep, and the support reps can get.

Advice for new reps

Some advice to help new reps find their feet.

An overview of what reps do

Looking at the practical things reps do in their workplace.

Basic principles of being a rep

Looking at what is expected of a UCU rep and how you can be effective in your workplace.

Branch officer roles

Looking at the more formal roles reps can hold within a branch.

Environmental reps

How to promote a greener world by becoming an environmental rep.

Equality reps

Information on the role of the UCU equality rep.

Facilities and time off for UCU reps

Your entitlements to time off for trade union duties.

Handling casework: a guide for UCU reps

Invaluable practical advice from UCU's legal team on handling casework.

Health and safety rep

The rights and responsibilities of health and safety reps, and what support can be expected from UCU.

Protection from victimisation

Members of trade unions have a right not to be victimised for trade union activity.

Understanding the sources of rights

Looking at workplace rights and where to find information.

Union learning reps

What is a union learning rep and what do they do?