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UCU policy hub

As the key voice of practitioners in post-16 education, UCU seeks to influence education policy across a range of issues. These include structures in the sector, funding, quality, the curriculum, professional development, learner support and governance.

The union is represented on a number of educational bodies and makes regular representations to the government departments and sector government agencies and non-departmental government bodies. UCU offers advice to members on a range of professional issues. It campaigns for proper funding for the sector, a comprehensive curriculum offer for young people and adults and adequate training and professional development for sector staff and UCU members. 

Please see below for our key briefings on UCU policy and campaigning work or download a summary of key UCU policies here [436kb].

Please contact Jon Hegerty for further information.

Academic freedom

UCU is committed to promoting and protecting the academic freedom of its members and of UK higher education institutions, and campaigns locally, nationally and internationally against threats to such freedoms.

Congress motions

Motions carried by UCU Congress and further and higher education sector conferences.

Elections & manifestos

UCU policy and manifestos relating to UK general elections and government's policies and proposed legislation for new parliamentary sessions.

Equality and widening participation

UCU policy and research on widening participation in post-16 education.


Policy and research from UCU on the funding of UK post-16 education.

FE: transforming lives

This research aims to understand and provide evidence of how the further education sector is vital in transforming lives and communities in 21st century Britain.

Prisons and offender learning

UCU positions on public policies affecting prisons and offender learning.


UCU policy on the privatisation of post-16 education.

Public policy

UCU policy and research on government and other public policy agendas.


UCU policy and research on qualifications policies.

Teaching & research

Policy briefings and research on teaching and research in UK colleges and universities.