HE national disputes 2021

Boycott Leicester

Teaching & research

Policy briefings and research on teaching and research in UK colleges and universities.

Briefing on the Teaching Excellence Framework

UCU briefing on the Teaching Excellence Framework following the year 2 results.

The second REF

UCU will be responding to the consultation on the second REF. This briefing requests feedback on some of the main recommendations in the consultation document.

GCSE English and maths in further education

There are a number of reasons why the government resit programme will not achieve its desired aim of raising the English and Maths attainment of 16-18 year olds. Compulsion lies at the heart of the reason why the resit policy won't work.

Tomorrow's academics

The importance of creating viable and attractive career paths for all types of academic and academic-related, professional roles.

Beyond the employability agenda: a statement on teaching in FE

This statement sets out UCU's priorities and principles in relation to teaching in further education (FE) with the aim of strengthening the value and recognition of teaching in further education.

Seeing the bigger picture: The future of UK research and development

A UCU policy statement on research policy and funding.

Beyond the consumerist agenda: Teaching quality and the 'student experience' in higher education

A positive UCU alternative to the consumerist agenda in higher education.

What are MOOCs?

UCU campaign briefing on MOOCs - massive open online courses, the free, open access and scalable online higher education courses.

UCU policy position on MOOCs

This policy paper outlines the basis of a UCU position on MOOCs.

Teacher education under attack: a UCU campaign briefing

Teacher education in higher education has a long and proud history. It has recently faced a fundamental attack that risks causing long-term damage to the quality of teacher education in England.