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Teaching professionals most likely to clock up unpaid overtime

26 February 2010

Teaching professionals are the group most likely to clock up unpaid overtime, according to new figures released today. UCU said it was unsurprised that teaching professionals topped the list, but warned the situation was likely to get worse for staff in both universities and colleges with swingeing cuts and widespread job losses on the cards.

The figures, released by the TUC, revealed that over half (53.9%) of teaching professionals do unpaid overtime and, on average put in an extra 11.2 hours a week. One in five people (20.3%) across all professions does unpaid overtime and they put in an extra 7.2 hours a week.
The TUC's figures also revealed that one in four (25.3%) of public sector workers currently work unpaid overtime, compared to just one in six (18.3%) staff in the private sector. Today marks the TUC's Work Your Proper Hours Day - the day when the average person who does unpaid overtime would start to get paid if they did all their unpaid overtime at the start of the year. More details are available at:
UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'It does not come as a surprise that teaching professional tops the list of people most likely to do unpaid overtime. The government is sorely mistaken if it thinks it can squeeze much more out of the dedicated staff that work in our colleges and universities.
'Unless plans for swingeing funding cuts and job culls are reversed then it will be the staff remaining who are expected to pick up their colleagues' work. Cuts have consequences. We will see teachers on the dole, students in larger classes and those who support teachers like academic-related staff under even greater pressure as the whole system strains under funding cuts.'
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