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Scottish Funding Council announcement 'bitterly disappointing'

14 April 2023

UCU comment on the Scottish Funding Council's announcement of indicative university funding allocations for 2023/24.

Commenting on the Scottish Funding Council's announcement today of indicative funding allocations for universities for the academic year 2023/24, Mary Senior, UCU Scotland official, said: 'It's bitterly disappointing to see cuts being made to university funding, especially at a time when inflation is at double figures. The first minister has committed to a "radical, ambitious and progressive policy agenda", and investment in higher education should be fundamental to achieving this. 

'While the Scottish government appears intent on cutting higher education, it is up to rest of us, including the sector's leadership and trade unions, to stand up for it. That must include resolving the two bitter disputes over pay, conditions and pensions and building a higher education sector that is great to work and learn in. We urge the new Scottish government to recognise that improving the life chances of people across Scotland requires investment in education and the people delivering it.'

Last updated: 26 April 2023