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Taking action in higher education

UCU responds to higher education report

28 November 2006 | last updated: 15 December 2015

UCU today said that staff and universities must be properly resourced if the UK is to be able to maintain its position as a global leader.

Responding to the 'Higher level learning' report from Universities UK, UCU joint general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'Universities are absolutely integral to the success of the UK and its economy. UUK correctly identifies the enormous impact universities have on our economy in terms of output and staff employment. University staff are 100 per cent committed to continuing to deliver the high quality teaching, undertaking the ground-breaking research and providing the support services and pastoral care that have rightly secured our position as one of the global leaders.

'However, universities also have a huge role to play in terms of civil society and we have concerns that plans for a market-driven higher education sector focus too narrowly on what UK universities can and should offer the country. Universities must not just be about providing degrees based on what business thinks is right for the country or only providing courses that make profit or appear the most popular.

'Universities have a proud tradition of producing citizens capable of thinking for themselves and being innovative. We must not lose sight of this in any debate about what universities, or degrees, are really for. To really meet new global challenges and sustain the UK's position as one of the leading economies in the world we must ensure that our staff and our universities are properly resourced.'