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How do I get help if I want to be a rep?

You are never on your own as a rep. There are a number of ways to get help. UCU has produced detailed information and guidance for anyone who wants to be a rep and you can access this below.

Speak to someone on your local committee as they will know how your local union operates and will be able to give you information and support.

Speak to a current rep. There should be a list of reps - ask your branch secretary for one if you can't find it. If your branch doesn't hold rep meetings, suggest that one is organised. You could e-mail all reps yourself and see if anyone can meet up to discuss the role or any particular concerns you have.

One of the best ways of getting support when you become a rep is get a list of members in your area and contact them to see if anyone would be prepared to help you. Getting other people in your area active in some way helps to share the work and build the local union, making you more effective.

You can get information to help you in being a rep from the national website. This has a huge amount of information and guidance. Your best source of local information is your local collective agreement. Ask your branch secretary to direct you to a copy.

Your first and best step though is to register for a UCU training course. UCU training includes a course specifically designed for reps. Members always enjoy these courses and they are an opportunity to share experiences and gain confidence if you haven't been active in your union before.

There's lots of information and guidance below to help you find out about the role of the rep:

Introduction to being a rep [23kb]

The role of the UCU rep [21kb]

Organising for equality - the role of the equality officer [147kb]

Advice for new reps [23kb]

Principles of being a UCU rep [20kb]

Understanding the sources of rights [30kb]

Protection from victimisation for UCU reps [18kb]

Facilities and time off for UCU reps [22kb]

Find current UCU training on the role of the rep

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