Time is running out. Universities UK have to commit to meaningful negotiations over pensions.

How do I get in touch with other activists?

If you want to contact activists in your workplace, the best place to start is your local representatives. Have a look at the local reps list. You could contact one or two reps in your area and arrange to meet them. It would be a good opportunity to share ideas and experiences. Some branches have meetings of reps and other activists. You could go along to these and make contact with other local activists that way. You can get a list of reps from your branch secretary.

You could also ask to meet one of your local committee. A branch committee member would be able to put you in touch with other committee members, reps and other activists.

If you are interested in a particular issue and want to talk about it with other activists there are several ways of going about this. You could sign up to the activists' email discussion list. This is a national discussion list where active UCU members can discuss anything they want and share advice and experience. The email list discussion list is a democratic space in which UCU members can raise questions, share experience and learn from others across the union.

Alternatively, UCU organises a number of other discussion lists for specific interest groups. Error


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