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Taking action in higher education

UCU responds to college guidelines on tackling violent extremism

11 February 2008 | last updated: 14 December 2015

Commenting on draft government guidelines to tackle potential violent extremism in UK colleges, UCU welcomed the fact that the document was still at the consultation stage and said it would contribute to the drafting process.

UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'We note that this draft guidance seeks to focus on Al-Qa'ida influenced terrorism. We still have some worries, however, that Muslim students and staff generally will feel themselves to be the focus of attention. We will certainly be feeding into the consultation, advised by our members.

'UCU  welcomes the government's recent emphasis upon promoting community cohesion when tackling any potential violent extremism in our universities and colleges. Every college should have a strategy for promoting good race relations. 

'We welcome the fact that the document advises colleges to use collective bargaining when implementing any guidance. This will enable the practitioners with day to day experience to input in a practical way.'