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Student funding review must look beyond penalising students

2 October 2010 | last updated: 11 December 2015

If the forthcoming student funding review, led by Lord Browne, simply advocates ways of squeezing more money out of students then it will have 'spectacularly failed its remit' says UCU.

Responding to reports that students could face fees of more than £10,000-a-year, UCU warned that higher fees could leave the country with the unenviable tag of charging the highest fees in the world. More on UCU's research can be found here.
UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said: 'If these expensive proposals are really the best Lord Browne has managed to come up with after having months to look at and consider all sorts of options then he has spectacularly failed his remit. The review needed to look at new and radical ways to maintain our excellence without punishing students.
'£10,000-a-year fees are simply an excuse to squeeze more money out of students and their families and risk sapping the ambition of thousands of people. We will have a two-tier system where some students can pick and choose any course they like while others are forced to consider what's within budget.'