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19 March 2014 | last updated: 10 December 2015

UCU today welcomed plans for extra apprenticeship grants and the development of graduate-level apprenticeships announced in the budget. However, the union said proper funding was required if the policy was to succeed.

The union called for better pay for apprentices, who are legally paid as little as £2.68 an hour, and said it wanted to see longer apprenticeships with a minimum of three years to ensure apprentices receive a well-rounded education.
UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'Apprenticeships have the potential to be this country's success story and we welcome news of extra places from the chancellor today. We support more apprenticeships and greater opportunities for all, but the government must provide the necessary funds.
'Apprentices should receive the national minimum wage, not less than £3 an hour as they can currently be paid. We would like to see longer apprenticeships, with a minimum of three years, to ensure people receive a well-rounded education.'
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