UCU response to Sir Michael Wilshaw's attack on colleges

19 January 2016 | last updated: 4 February 2016

UCU today said Sir Michael Wilshaw was right to criticise the lack of careers advice in both schools and colleges.

In a wide-ranging speech this afternoon Sir Michael is also expected to say many of his former pupils went to 'large, impersonal and amorphous' colleges and did badly.
Speaking about his time at Mossbourne Academy, Sir Michael is expected to say: 'Even when I was head at Mossbourne Academy in Hackney, which had a great academic reputation, 20% of youngsters failed to reach our targets. Most of them went to a local FE college, usually a large, impersonal and amorphous institution, and did badly.'
UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'Sir Michael Wilshaw is wrong to dismiss further education colleges as simply having failed the pupils that struggled academically at his schools. All young people deserve access to the best education that most suits their needs, and this is something the government's forthcoming area reviews need to focus on.
'Sir Michael is right, however, to highlight the need for vastly improved careers guidance for school pupils and college students - something that will require proper investment.'