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Protests at Birmingham Metropolitan College over job cuts

26 June 2017 | last updated: 29 June 2017

Staff at Birmingham Metropolitan College will be staging a second week of protests tomorrow lunchtime in a row over plans to axe 27 jobs. Staff will be protesting outside the main entrance to the Matthew Boulton campus, the Sutton Coldfield campus and the James Watt campus from 12:15pm.

Last week members of UCU organised the Tuesday lunchtime demonstrations in protest at the college's proposals that leave 123 staff at risk of redundancy. All the posts set to be cut are lecturing roles and could hit courses across the college.

The union questioned the college's management after it was revealed that the college is still advertising jobs at the same time it is saying it needs to cut posts. The college axed 300 staff just two years ago and UCU says the college should not be back in a position where it is looking for further job losses.

UCU said that if the college continued to ignore its staff then it would look at other options such as strike action in the new academic year.

UCU regional support official Teresa Corr said: 'UCU members will be out protesting again this week because they are not prepared for more colleagues to lose their jobs. Birmingham Metropolitan College got rid of 300 staff just two years ago, so we find it astonishing that we are back in a situation where the college says more jobs must go.

'It is even more incredible when you consider that the college is seeking to sack staff while still advertising other positions.'