2017_07_21 Nottingham & McDonnell

The Friday email: 21 July 2017

Top stories this week:

Jobs under threat at Nottingham College

UCU is calling on Nottingham College to halt rushed restructure plans which leave 378 staff uncertain about their future over the summer period. The newly formed college has announced a major restructure which will see at least 153 existing posts axed and left staff in the dark by failing to publish full details of the proposed new structure. UCU official Sue Davis said: 'We're deeply concerned that the job cuts will lead to fewer opportunities and less support for local people to get the skills they need.' 

Hundreds of staff are now left in limbo over the summer with no clear information about what's happening and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP met with a group of UCU members yesterday to hear their concerns and he agreed to raise the issues with the college and with local Labour Party colleagues. 

UCU report warns of mid-life tax crisis for graduates

High-earning graduates could find themselves paying the equivalent of 51p in the pound into the public purse by the time they hit their 30s and 40s through tax, National Insurance contributions and loan repayments, warned a report published by UCU yesterday. The Mirror said the union's report highlighted a 'mid-life tax crisis' for graduates. 

In a blog for the Huffington Post, UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said there are no winners under the current student funding system and the report exposes the different ways to lose. The report, by respected economic consultancy London Economics, showed how many graduates will have effective tax rates of around 50% during their 30s and 40s. 

In a blog for Wonkhe, the report's authors reveal how much different professions can expect to repay over their careers and say that although the student loan repayment system appears progressive, and is regularly cited as so by its defenders, their findings reveal that it can be regressive. 

Former education minister and current tuition fees nemesis Lord Adonis described the report's findings as 'devastating stuff', while the associate editor of the esteemed Wonkhe blog David Morris said the analysis was 'excellent and illuminating'

In the news

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  • More calls for pay restraint
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