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Turkish flag

Demanding release of Dr Hanifi Bariş in Turkey

13 July 2018

Please sign the petition calling for the release of Dr Hanifi Bariş, a University of Aberdeen PhD graduate, who was arrested in Istanbul on 4 July, for criticising the Turkish government.  

On 4 July 2018, Dr Hanifi Bariş, a University of Aberdeen PhD graduate, was arrested in Istanbul. He is charged with 'posting items of criminal content' on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The recent actions of the government are demonstrative of an escalation in the repression and erosion of basic human rights in Turkey. Sadly, Hanifi's arrest is not an isolated event. He is one of hundreds of academics currently imprisoned and facing criminal and disciplinary investigations. Many others have already been dismissed or suspended and some have fled the country.

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STV news coverage: