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Choose 'standard full membership' to activate the free membership offer option.

Or you can join by phone on:
0333 207 0719**

As part of UCU's drive to support education workers at the start of their careers, from 1 October 2017 we are offering free membership to some further and higher staff.

Free membership* applies to staff in the following categories:

  • enrolled postgraduate students contracted to teach in UK higher education institutions
  • staff working in further education not on lecturing contracts but part of the teaching and assessing team such as instructor, assessor, trainer (except in prisons) or coach.
  • staff working in prison education as Learning Support Practitioners (LSPs) or Assisted Learning Support staff (ALSs).

UCU's move to free membership for some early career education staff is outlined in this article for Left Foot Forward.

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You can download a selection of our free membership posters here:

Free membership poster animation Design 1:

'Me & UCU' poster 1 (higher education) [626kb]
'Fl a'r UCU' poster 1 (Welsh) [2mb]

'Me & UCU' poster 2 (further education) [761kb]
'Fl a'r UCU' poster 2 (Welsh) [5mb]

'Me & UCU' poster 3 (higher education) [697kb]
'Fl a'r UCU' poster 3 (Welsh) [3mb]

'Me & UCU' poster 4 (higher education) [796kb]
'Fl a'r UCU' poster 4 (Welsh) [4mb]

'Me & UCU' poster 5 (higher education) [698kb]
'Fl a'r UCU' poster 5 (Welsh) [3mb]

Free membership poster v1 animation Design 2:

Further education signpost poster [1mb]
Research student signpost poster [1mb]
Research student bar chart poster [573kb]
Research student ladder poster [1mb]

Free membership leaflet Or you can order our information leaflet in English and/or Welsh: email


*Free membership includes access to all the benefits of full membership and is provided for a maximum of four years from registration. Free membership is provided on the basis that you inform UCU promptly when your circumstances change and you secure a job in HE of one year or more contract duration and in FE if you are appointed to the teaching staff.

**Lines open 9.15am-4.45pm Mon-Fri. Calls are charged at standard rates; if you have inclusive call minutes or an allowance calls to this number are usually included (please check with your provider).

Last updated: 9 August 2019