I am an established member of staff. Why should I subsidise free membership for other people?

Many permanent staff are very concerned about the low security employment models used to prop up universities and colleges, particularly in terms of their impact upon early career staff who are faced with an 'apprenticeship' of a series of casual posts before they can even be considered for a permanent position. In short, 'low security' has become the norm for the majority of those in the first ten years of their employment.

UCU has published a wide range of evidence showing that these employment models are damaging for the individuals affected, not least in terms of their career and personal development as well as their lack of personal economic security.  However, it is also fair to say that much of the squeeze upon the pay and conditions of permanent staff in recent years has been made possible through the undercutting pressures created at the bottom. UCU believes that the vicious circle of 'low security' employment and low union membership will continue to undermine the lives of staff wherever they work in higher and further education unless UCU acts to break the cycle and this will require a joint effort both by those in permanent positions and by those in the 'low security' zone.

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