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LGBT+ Charter for Equality, Liberation and Solidarity

UCU LGBT+ charter

30 November 2022

LGBT+ people and rights have endured increasingly negative attacks and negative press attention in recent years. UCU is strong in our support of all LGBT+ rights backed by years of policy passed by UCU members at our annual Congress. 

There are many UCU reps and members interested in doing something to support our LGBT+ members, and students. However, UCU members and reps report patchy understanding of, and action to support, LGBT+ members at branch level. So, we need to find constructive ways of organising and campaigning for LGBT+ rights at branch level.

UCU LGBT+ charter

UCU LGBT+ charter [288kb]

This is even more the case in the context of ongoing challenges faced by LGBT+ people.

The aim of the charter is to identify actions that branches can take to promote LGBT+ equality and liberation.  

UCU LGBT+ forum

Branches will be provided with a way of feeding into the national UCU LGBT+ support for this charter by way of a UCU LGBT+ forum. This forum will be open for branch LGBT+ reps or, where there is no specific LGBT+ rep, another rep who is leading on LGBT+ equality.

The forum will enable us to establish what actions branches are taking and what questions/barriers branches have in their LGBT+ work.

For branches that sign up for the charter there are some UCU LGBT+ lanyards and a section on the charter site that notes what branches have signed up. To sign your branch up to the charter please complete this form.

Trans and Non-Binary awareness: experiences and issues

This November 2023 webinar saw presenters talking about research and action in areas relating to experiences and issues around Trans and Non-Binary awareness.

Count me in: LGBT+ data now

Held in October 2023, the second in the series of UCU LGBT+ webinar looked at issues related to LGBT+ data collection.

Moving beyond the binaries of sexual attraction: bi, pan and queer sexualities

Held in September 2023, this was the first in a new series of UCU LGBT+ webinars.

UCU guidance

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Trans and non-binary guidance cover   
UCU Trans and Non-binary guidance [6mb]  
Last updated: 27 November 2023