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Statement on RGU Resolution

20 October 2011 | last updated: 11 December 2015

Robert Gordon University (RGU) and the University and College Union (UCU) are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement on the matter of the recognition of UCU at RGU.

New working arrangements have been agreed which provide the UCU branch at RGU with consultation rights, related facility time and time off for reps to undertake relevant trade union training. The agreement means that the University acknowledges UCU as a campus union at RGU, and that its members have a right to be informed and consulted about issues that impact upon them.

This agreement brings to an end the recent UCU campaign against the University.

UCU Branch Secretary Lesley McIntosh said 'I am pleased that an agreement has been reached, and that my employer now acknowledges that UCU members at Robert Gordon University have a right to have a say on those issues that affect them at work. UCU looks forward to working constructively with the University as we move forward'.

Robert Gordon University Executive Director of Human Resources, David Briggs said: 'In reconsidering our collective bargaining arrangements, the University always stated that it remained committed to continuing a constructive dialogue with UCU on how we would have a productive and meaningful relationship going forward. This agreement cements several months of such discussion and we look forward to working with the UCU on this basis'.