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Amnesty International

8 November 2004

'I have boxes and boxes of appeals sent on our behalf by Urgent Action letter-writers ... I have no doubt those letters saved our lives': Colombian human rights defenders Astrid Manrique and Yolima Quintero.

Through Amnesty International, UCU receives information of cases of imprisonment and political persecution of academics throughout the world.

We take part in many meetings and conferences organised with Amnesty International and this work informs the work of our international team highlighting human rights abuses affecting trade unionists and educationalists worldwide.

Finding out more about Amnesty

Human rights education

Join the Amnesty trade union network

  • The Amnesty trade union network boasts over 225 national, regional and local branch affiliates, and in 2003 celebrated a quarter century of protecting and promoting workers' rights.

Campaigning locally for Amnesty International

  • Contact your local association and ask them to host a meeting the work of Amnesty International. Amnesty will often be able to provide a speaker or to let you run a video.
  • Find out if anyone in your university is already active within either TAN or the trade union network.
  • Raise awareness on campus with letter writing campaigns using materials from the Amnesty website.
  • Use Amnesty's materials to produce a regular newsletter or email to interested staff.

Note: If you intend to send materials out on behalf of your branch/local association, make sure you have the permission of the president or committee.

Last updated: 25 March 2020