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Sudanese Professionals Association

Sudanese military attacks Khartoum sit-in

4 June 2019 | last updated: 17 March 2021

Sudanese military and militia forces are attacking the sit-in outside the Army Command in Khartoum, where thousands of protesters have gathered since 6 April to demand a peaceful transition to civilian rule, the Sudanese Professionals Association said in a statement on 3 June, killing and injuring many and setting tents on fire.

The attack follows a general strike on 28 and 29 May after the Transitional Military Council refused to concede protesters' call for a new sovereignty council composed of a majority of civilian members.

UCU's annual congress at the end of May passed a motion supporting the demonstrators' demands to bring down Al-Bashir's regime and condemning earlier violence against Sudanese demonstrators by the Al-Bashir government.

Statement from the Foreign Relations Committee of the Sudanese Professionals Association

In the early hours of today, Rapid Support Forces backed by security forces and police stormed the sit-in area in front of the headquarters of the Sudanese army in the capital Khartoum. Fire bullets were used excessively and injured several unarmed citizens; uncounted numbers of them are dead. The raiding forces burned the tents in the sit-in area and used excessive physical force against the protestors. The raid and attacks against civilians are still ongoing in an attempt to break and disperse the peaceful sit-in.

We consider this violation a criminal offence against the Sudanese people, and a total reversion to the old regime's tactics and policies.

The Sudanese revolution will continue and shall prevail.

The Foreign Relations Committee, Sudanese Professionals Association

Solidarity is crucial - what you do in the next few hours will make a difference.

Take action now:

  • email, fax or call the Sudanese Embassy in London today, condemning the attacks on peaceful protesters and demanding that the Transitional Military Council withdraws all troops and militia forces from the Khartoum sit-in and other protest sites
  • contact the foreign ministry of your government and your local member of parliament. Urge them to issue a statement condemning attacks on protesters and stating that they will hold Generals Burhan and Dagalo of the Transitional Military Council responsible for deaths and injuries to civilians. Call on your government to stop all forms of cooperation with the TMC until those responsible for killing and injuring protesters are brought to justice
  • circulate this appeal to your trade union branch or campaign.