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TPS changes

Unions begin discussions with treasury

7 October 2019

You may recall from previous updates that while there is no change to benefits or member contributions at the moment, there may be in the longer term.

You can read the full background and the latest details in full here. But briefly, UCU and the other public sector unions have met the treasury for the first of what should be a series of meetings about how we can collectively address age discrimination in the schemes. Although it should be noted that work done by the teachers' side show that for most members there will be no disadvantage.

The remedy from the significant legal case relating to the firefighters' and judges' schemes, as this affects all the main public service pension schemes, impacts on discussions and is not expected unti mid-2020.

In the meantime UCU advises that anyone approached by lawyers offering to take cases to please ignore them. Firms are charging thousands saying the government has not guaranteed to remedy discrimination. They have, the schemes have and the unions are negotiating for all scheme members. There is no need for anyone to take an individual case.

UCU and other public sector unions want the benefit improvements they were promised and that the employer is paying for. The age discrimination cases do not affect the valuation; but the government is saying that they cannot afford both. UCU will be discussing developments and how we can work together with other unions to protect member's pensions.