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The impact of Brexit on UCU members

17 October 2019

UCU's national executive committee (NEC) met last Friday to consider the impact of Brexit on our members and the sectors we represent.

In introducing the debate I set out to the NEC my understanding of the union's policies and members' views regarding Brexit and related issues, while summarising the union's activities in this area over the last few months. You can find a written version of my remarks here.

The NEC debated a number of motions and agreed to:

  • encourage members to attend the 19 October 'Let us be heard' demonstration and continue pressing for a general election

  • support and publicise demonstrations against no deal and anti-racist and migrants' rights initiatives against no deal

  • support freedom of movement and an end to the 'hostile environment'.

I will be speaking at the 'Let us be heard' demonstration this Saturday in London, in conjunction with Another Europe is Possible, and I encourage all members able to participate to do so.

UCU will continue to work with the TUC and sister unions to highlight the threat that no deal presents to workers in all sectors of society including further, higher and adult education.

I will be doing more over the coming months to inform members about the issues and coordinate the union's response to new developments. Please look out for further announcements on the UCU website and in your email inbox. In the meantime, please continue to write to me with your questions and concerns.

Jo Grady
​UCU general secretary

Last updated: 6 May 2022