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Dr Angela Roger (University of Dundee)

Election address

Trustees hold the finances and property of the Union in trust.  They have no vote on the National Executive Committee but may speak on financial matters at the NEC, Strategy and Finance Committee and Congress.  My previous Union service gives me the knowledge and experience to be an effective Trustee. 

I am an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Dundee University having retired after 31 years' research and teaching in HE.  I was a UCU officer, holding UCU-appointed Trusteeships as follows:   Honorary Treasurer 2013-17, Honorary Secretary, UCU Scotland 2006-13, was UCU Vice-President 2006-7 and President of one of our predecessor unions, AUT, 2004-05.  I was a UCU-appointed Trustee and Director of USS (2012-16) and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Teachers' Support Network/Recourse (now Education Support Partnership) 2012-16.

Trustees are elected for five years (versus two years for NEC members) so that they take a long-term view of UCU's finances and organisation.  They need to ensure the union builds up reserves for unforeseen challenges.  Trustees also monitor our property portfolio to ensure that our property is used in the most effective way.

When I was Treasurer during the last financial crisis (caused by a relatively small decline in membership) I was greatly helped by the Trustees who made statements to the NEC and Congress advising them to take serious steps to safeguard the long-term health of the Union.

As Treasurer, I was often interrogated by the Trustees whose job it is to ask awkward questions.  I have the greatest respect for the current Treasurer and Officers but as a Trustee, I know exactly which questions to ask.

My experience as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Education Support Partnership would also inform my role as Trustee.  I led the charity through a period of change based on the need for constant vigilance and relevance to maintain and increase income.

UCU needs the democratic participation of all its members and it must be fully inclusive.  It also needs to grow and change.  New developments must be costed and resourced in such a way that the financial base of the union, dependant on members' subscriptions, remains resilient.  All of our work helping members suffering stress, bullying, redundancy threats and needing legal support needs resourcing.  Supporting the interests of our members, collectively fighting for fair pay, pensions, equality and decent conditions of work requires a financially-secure Union. 

Members in FE and HE, and men and women from all four nations of the UK support my candidacy.  I have the skills and qualities to be a custodian of the union's finances and property so that we can continue to work effectively in the best interests of all our members.

Last updated: 29 January 2020