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Angie McConnell (Open University)

Election address

From 1985 to 2014 I worked as a Maths lecturer at Wigan & Leigh College. I retired from full-time employment August 2014. I have been employed by Open University since 2005. As an Associate Lecturer and also hold a 0.4 central academic post as Lecturer in Mathematics Education.

Member since 1985, member NUT 1975-1985
Local: Wigan & Leigh Branch Secretary/Negotiating Secretary 1985-2014
Regional: Regional Secretary 1992-98
Deputy Regional Secretary 1998-2000
Regional Treasurer North West Region 2000-2014
National: National Conference Delegate - annually 1986-2014
National FE Sector Conference delegate - annually 1986-2014
NEC member 1995-2011
               NEC Committees : Equality Committee 1995-2011
               (Chair 1998- 2011)
     Legal Support Review Panel 2006-2011 (Chair 2007-2011)
     Strategy Finance Committee 2006-2011
National Negotiator (Lecturers, Senior Lecturers) 1996-2000
National Conference Steering Committee (NATFHE)/Congress Business Committee 1996-2015
Appeals Panel member since 2014

Trustee since 2015, Chair since 2017

I am standing for re-election as a Trustee for a term of five years. I have been a Trustee since 2015 and have been elected as Chair by the other Trustees for the past three years

An extensive knowledge of all aspects of the union is an essential requirement for a trustee and I have this.  Working in both FE and HE has given me a sound working knowledge of both sectors.  My nomination is supported by members in both FE and HE. 

I am a mathematician, have been Regional Treasurer, was a member of the Strategy and Finance Committee of the NEC and have been a Trustee for the past five years giving me a good working knowledge of the union's finances and the expertise to understand financial processes.  My service to the union includes experience as Chair of Equality and as Chair of Legal Panel giving me an insight which is valuable as a Trustee.

I bring a level headed, practical approach to the work of the Trustees.

The primary role of a Trustee is to ensure that the assets and funds of the union are safeguarded.  We employ experienced professionals to deal with day to day issues, but Trustees have the ultimate responsibility.  Congress,  NEC and its subcommittees decide the strategic direction of the union but Trustees have a duty to see that the union's assets are protected and not misdirected.

The work of the Trustees should not be influenced by any faction, political or otherwise.  The union's assets are more important than that and I will work to ensure that Trustees decisions are open, transparent and not affected by outside influences.

If elected I will do my best to safeguard our property, our assets and our funds in an unbiased way that ensures the needs of the wider union are paramount.


Last updated: 31 January 2020