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Marian Mayer (Bournemouth University)

Election address

As a Senior Lecturer in Learning Development, working in Bournemouth university for the past 15 years, I have witnessed first-hand the ways in which the increased marketisation of Higher Education has changed the landscape in which we work.  Similarly, as an active member of the South Region Committee (Chair since 2017, previously Vice Chair) I have worked with colleagues in Further Education fighting to defend the essential provision of post 16 education.

I have been an active member of UCU since 2005, and of UCU Left since 2016.  My doctoral research investigates whether transformative education for Widening Participation and non-traditional students is possible: the main focus of my work is improving outcomes for non-traditional, disabled and WP and international students, work close to my heart as a former Access to HE student.

I am currently elected to the roles of:

  • National Pay Negotiator
  • Co- Chair, Bournemouth University UCU and Health and Safety officer.   
  • Southern Region Chair 
  • Disabled Members Standing Committee - elected Co-Vice Chair
  • Women Members Standing Committee

I am proud to have GTVO in my branch (55%) for the dispute on Casualisation, Workload, and Pay Gaps and even prouder to currently be leading as a National Pay Negotiator. 

In my own branch I have worked hard to negotiate Facilities time so that we could build our executive committee (17 reps). 

It is essential that we all continue to hold employers, and pension scheme managers and trustees to account, and that we act in solidarity to defend any attacks on the Teachers' Pension Scheme. We can only do this by determinedly working together as a democratic member led union.

At branch level I have negotiated numerous policies which directly benefit women members, including: Absence Management, Home and Mobile Working, and Menopause guidance.  I was instrumental in organising private spaces for nursing mothers, and Gender Realignment and Adoption policies.  It is important that UCU's commitment to gender equality informs our local negotiating work.

As a member of my institution's JCNC and Equal Pay Audit working group I am actively involved in efforts to address discrimination in the forms of:

  • The continued gender pay gap - exacerbated by intersectionality
  • Mental health impacts on women staff
  • Reasonable Adjustments (particular for carers and women staff
  • Impacts of workloads

I am asking for your vote so that I can continue to work for women members working in FE and HE.  I am committed to supporting all women members, recognising and respecting diversity among women.  This includes being aware of the specific needs of BAME, Disabled and Trans women.  If elected, I commit to campaigning and working for equality for all women members of UCU.

Last updated: 29 January 2020