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Ann Swinney (University of Dundee)

Election address

I have been an active Trade Union member throughout my working life (37 years!) - initially with NALGO, UNISON and now UCU. While bringing up my family I have spent 24 years in full-time employment but doing several jobs at the same time in HE on part-time/fixed term/precarious contracts and as a community literacies worker supporting disadvantaged adults and young people. I am now in full-time employment as a permanent Senior Lecturer after many years hard work. The focus of my work as a community worker, academic and trade unionist outside and inside HE has been to achieve Social Justice for marginalised and disadvantaged groups and individuals. I believe that acting collectively is the key to social change.

I am currently Dundee UCU Branch President and a caseworker. Previously as a member of the Branch Committee I have been Equalities Officer and vice-president. I have represented my Branch at Scottish and UK Congress for several years. I am a member of UCU Scotland H.E. Committee and I have been a delegate representing UCU Scotland at the STUC and STUC Women's Conferences.

I have campaigned on equalities in the workplace for women, part-time and casualised workers. I will continue to work to resist the casualization of the HE workforce and the inequity of pensions, pay and conditions, particularly for marginalised groups of workers. This will continue to be a priority for me.

I oppose current attempts in the UK to roll back the rights of Transgender people. I will actively work to ensure that UCU remains unequivocal in support of LGBTI+ rights and all groups of people that are historically marginalised and discriminated against.  Inequality, casualisation, excessive workloads and falling salaries need to be addressed and I fully support our industrial action, strike and ASOS.

I am standing for election because I want to promote, protect and uphold the principles of inclusivity and equality in UCU. I want to use and share my knowledge and experiences as a woman, a part-time worker on precarious contracts and as a community worker to support and advocate effectively for all of my colleagues in UCU but particularly my younger colleagues who may often find themselves in vulnerable positions and who cannot risk speaking out.

I can and will take that risk. Please vote for me.

Senior Lecturer, Community Education, University of Dundee.


Last updated: 30 January 2020