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Peter Evans (South Thames College)

28 July 2020

Election address

I am delighted to have been nominated by my Branch, and by many other branches across the UK.  I am a business lecturer at South Thames College.

If elected, my objectives include:

Democratisation of UCU

  • Bringing the union closer to the local membership, and less London-centric.  I have asked for the LGBT+ MSC to move around the devolved nations of the UK, and to invite observers to our meetings.
  • Achieving delegate entitlement for MSCs to Congress, thereby giving greater prominence to the equality issues now under threat in a post-Brexit UK, and with the consequences of Covid 19. 
  • Building local support between FE and HE branches where we can work together (pairing), particularly in and after our '4 Fights' struggle.
  • I am committed to the rights of trans and older comrades within our union and will continue to campaign for their rights and visibility.

Defending post-16 education

  • Opposing the rampant marketisation of education and seeking UCU influence to reverse that process in the struggles over new, post-pandemic, financial models for FE and HE. 
  • Resisting mergers and course closures that will deny future generations access to a proper further or higher education.
  • Striving to ensure LGBT+ issues are not separated from industrial strategy but are an integral part of it.
  • Seeking a consistent UK-wide policy for all branches to abolish zero-hours contracts.

Health, Oppression and Responsibility

  • Holding politicians to account. We face uncertain futures consequent on Government ineptitude in mismanaging the pandemic, compounded by Ministers' misleading statistics deployed to deflect responsibility for lives lost unnecessarily. 
  • Prioritising, because of my commitment to the elimination of inequality, the task of turning policy into campaigns.
  • Fighting all structural oppressions - of race, of gender, and of sex and sexual orientation. We have witnessed how the racism and poverty that run through our society have killed BAME people disproportionately.
  • Tackling deprivation and privilege in colleges and universities through a common fight with no concessions to a hierarchy of hurt and damage.
  • Devising practical and feasible objectives so our commitments are more than rhetoric.

TU and Activist Biography

  • Early Pride marches to London's Jubilee Gardens with activist affection in front of the police.
  • Member of the Stonewall Steering Committee.
  • UGT Equality Officer in a Barcelona Works Committee.
  • Deputy Chair of Unite London & Eastern Regional LGBT Committee.
  • UCU Equality Rep, South Thames College, member of UCU LGBT+ MSC, and FE Sector Chair for London Region.
  • UCU Left supporter and UCU Left candidate for this position and member of the Vauxhall CLP, sitting on the General Council.

Thank you for considering voting for me. I hope you do so, to enable me to continue with the fight against colonialism and the struggle for equality and diversity within UCU.


Last updated: 28 July 2020