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Bring colleges back into public ownership and fund them properly

15 September 2020

The government needs to bring colleges back into public ownership and fund them properly, said UCU in response to a report on the financial sustainability of colleges from the National Audit Office.

The report highlights funding cuts to further education in recent years, which UCU said matched a grim analysis of funding from last year that showed how adult education, further education and skills spending on young people have been hardest hit by austerity since 2010.

UCU head of further education Andrew Harden said: 'This study shows the current college funding system is not fit for purpose. Severe cuts to further education have led to job losses, course closures and fewer learning opportunities. 

'We need a radical overhaul where colleges are brought back into national ownership and funded properly. Colleges must be a vital part of our national recovery plan, but they can only do that with proper funding and support.'


Last updated: 17 September 2020