UCU comment on Scottish Affairs Committee report on 'Universities and Scotland'

27 May 2021

Commenting on the Scottish Affairs Committee's report Universities and Scotland, the UCU's Scotland official, Mary Senior, said: 'The report makes some useful observations, especially on the shortcomings of the new Turing scheme, and the need for an immigration system which works for the university sector in Scotland.   

'The report recognises that Turing is not the reciprocal exchange scheme enabling students and staff to live study or work overseas in the same way as Erasmus, and urges the UK government to address that.

'The committee is also clear that Scottish universities are global institutions, and as we approach the 30 June deadline for EU citizens living and working in the UK to ensure they have their settled status, it is timely that there are calls for the UK government to address its punitive immigration system. The recommendations on ensuring our immigration system is reformed so that it attracts talented people from overseas to contribute to university research and learning is a step forward, as well as the report's acknowledgement of the unwelcoming hostile environment.'

Last updated: 1 June 2021