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Handing Turing Scheme to Capita 'terrible' decision, says Jo Grady

8 December 2021

Commenting on reports that the Department for Education has handed the contract to run the Turing Scheme to Capita, UCU general secretary Jo Grady said:

'Outsourcing the scheme to Capita, who have a shocking record of failure on a range of other government contracts, is a terrible decision from the Department for Education which will further diminish the quality of student exchange programmes.  

'The British Council has important expertise in the running of student exchanges, and cutting them out of the process in favour of a profit-making private company is shameful. The Turing scheme is still finding its feet, and the priority must be delivering quality for students, not a race to the bottom. This continued, ideological outsourcing drive from the Tories is bad for students and bad for ordinary people.'

Last updated: 9 December 2021