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Post-qualification admissions

UCU has been campaigning for reform of the current model of student applications since 2015.

How admissions reform can address five big challenges for higher education

A report for UCU by Professor Graeme Atherton, Head of the Centre for Inequality and Levelling Up and Director, National Education Opportunities Network (NEON), University of West London.

Post-qualification admissions reform

UCU's response to the UK government review of the higher education admission system in England.

Post-qualifications applications: how we can make it work

After the UK government announced in early 2021 that it was undertaking a review of the higher education admission system in England, Professor Graeme Atherton illustrates that with the necessary political commitment, investment, time and innovation it is possible to introduce a PQA system and give students the power to fully control their journey into HE.

Post-qualification application: a student-centred model

This report written by Dr. Graeme Atherton and UCU describes a student-centred higher education admissions system which enables students to make the best decisions possible about their higher education destinations.

Post-qualification admissions - how it works across the world

This study compares how the organisation of the system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland compares to that in 29 countries across the world with particular reference to our reliance on 'pre-qualifications admission'.

Predicted grades: accuracy and impact

Research to show poor reliability and validity of the predicted grade system that is used to support entry into higher education.

The case for PQA

A summary of how the UCU application and admission survey supports the case for post qualification application (PQA).